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The Macabre Tarotu

The Macabre Tarotu

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 Are you ready to let your skin crawl?

Are you ready to get lost in the night?

Are you ready to embrace everything that lives in the shadows?

This Set comes with sounds effects when opening Coffin Box

Step into the darkness and release your fears. A 78-card tarot deck, with premium design aesthetics, that calls you to turn away from the light and explore your own shadow.


  • A 22-card major arcana and 4 minor arcana suits.
  • Detailed guidebook.
  • Traditional tarot structure, with eerie cards that implore you to embrace all the spooky things that lurk in the dark. This deck will push you down the rabbit whole of your own psyche and force you to come face-to-face with your darkest thoughts.

Be warned: this deck is not for the light-hearted or weak spirited!!

About the Author

Sam West is an artist, designer, tarot deck creator and owner of Marble Moon Studio. With a Master's degree from Drexel University, Philadelphia, Sam explores her artwork through a three dimensional lens. She has been a tarot reader for the past 10 years and is passionate about exploring the human experience through the cards and creating card decks that are accessible to readers of all backgrounds.

When she's not creating or working in her studio, she can be found at home with her husband, daughter and dog in the Northeast US.

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