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Heavenly Crystals

Rainbow Kyanite Pen - Blue

Rainbow Kyanite Pen - Blue

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These pens have a Rainbow Kyanite on the end

Garnet Tumbled stones embedded in base

Ink is Black

Price is for 1 pen

Rainbow Kyanite is recognizable by its beautiful iridescent metallic sheens that are truly unique. All Aura Kyanite Crystals begin as black Kyanite, which undergo a superheating process where the Crystals are coated with metallic vapors from different metallic coatings. Rainbow Aura Crystals are the result of a special mixture of Titanium and Platinum atoms fusing to the stones surface, which provides the immersive rainbow iridescence. Aura Kyanite Crystals provide all of Chakra alignment qualities of true Kyanite, while adding their own unique properties based on their metal infusions. Rainbow Aura Kyanite Crystals are highly energetic stones which provide an uplifting and emotionally grounding energy.

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