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Moana Road

Hot Water Bottles

Hot Water Bottles

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Keep your little one warm on these chilly mornings and bedtimes with this cute Moana Road hottie cover + bottle!

  • Dimensions: L19 x W3 x H31 cm.
    • Includes hot water bottle and cover.
    • Material: Polyester & Rubber.
    • Capacity: 1L

*Meet Kimi the Kiwi Kia ora. I'm Kimi, the kind Kiwi. I have tiny wings and tiny eyes - which means I can't fly and my eyesight isn't great. BUT! I have the best sense of smell out of all the birds and I can feel, smell and hear my way around. My eggs are very big - much bigger for my size than any other bird! Once I lay an egg, I get Karl the Kiwi to sit on it until it's ready to hatch... which can be up to three months! Good boy Karl.

*I'm Kevin the cheeky Kea. Did you know that I am the only alpine parrot in the world?This means I can get away with being very naughty!I love eating huhu grubs but I'm not fussy. I'll also open tourist's backpacks to steal their food. If they shoo me away I'll pull their window wipers off!  I get my name from the high pitch call I make that goes KEEE AAAA!

*Hello! I'm Humphrey the Humpback Whale. We love to visit Aotearoa! Every year we leave Antarctica and swim along the East Coast of the South Island up to the warm waters of Australia to have our babies, before coming home along the West Coast.
Did you know we love to sing? Our magical songs travel for great distances through the ocean and can last for hours! Like you, we can live for around 90 years... but we'll probably end up weighing a little more (around 35 tonnes)!

Caution: This product is not a toy. Use with adult supervision only. Read instructions before use.

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