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Giant Mugs

Giant Mugs

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  • Huge coffee mug 
  • Great for a big coffee thirst
  • Can hold 900ml of coffee!
  • Part of our Man Flu Survivor range
  • 11.0(L) x 11.0(W) x 12.5(H) cm
  • Colour display box
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Comes in 6 Styles

The Boss 

  • Perfect mug for the all-seeing boss
  • Features an eye printed on the base of the mug, so the boss can always be watching

Man Flu Survivor 

  • Huge coffee mug with Man Flu Survivor text on army camouflage background
  • Great for a big coffee thirst  


  • Features golden moon phase icons & an intricate combined symbol of a pentacle, triple goddess & tree of life

Same Shit Different Day Pug 

  • Featuring a cute little pug on a real big mug to get you through another one of those days

Coffee First 

  • Huge teal coffee mug with white text and pointing finger design
  • “Coffee First: Then your boring crap!” embossed text

Morning Person 

  • Huge coffee mug with white text
  • “Do I look like a freakin morning person?” text

Sh*t Happens 

  • Huge coffee mug – you won’t break your 1 cup a day rule!
  • Punny quote “Sh*t Happens and happens and happens and happens” in a big brown poo dotted with flies
  • Perfect way to deal with a crap day

Dachshund Valentine

  • Ceramic mug featuring two romantic sausage dogs on a bright pink background

Best F*cking Mum

  • Ceramic mug featuring phrase “Big f*cking mug for the best f*cking mum”

Best F*cking Dad

  • Ceramic mug featuring a black decal reading ‘Best F*cking Dad’ above a moustache silhouette


  • featuring a gang of adorable meerkats on a desert background

King Dad 

  • Every man is a king of his own castle so give dad the respect he deserves with this giant mug


Mushroom Giant Mug

  • Ceramic mug featuring a vibrant landscape of colourful mushrooms and glowing lights

Don’t Touch Me Peasant

  • Sassy quote “Don’t touch me! Peasant” on a glossy black background
  • Shiny gold foil crown icon for the king or queen who owns this mug


Witches’ Cauldron

  • Ceramic mug featuring a mystical landscape with a silhouetted cauldron and witch


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