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Edge Sculpture Cobra - Copper Brown

Edge Sculpture Cobra - Copper Brown

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The cobra is the longest, most venomous snake in the world, fully justifying its fearsome reputation.

Matt Buckley's sculpture shows the cobra in a classic pose with head raised, fangs bared and its neck ribs expanded to form the unmistakable hood shape. Hand-painted with metallic copper paint and shades of green, this magnificent sculpted figure makes a showstopping centrepiece. 

Affordable, home decor or garden statement piece, designed by Matt Buckley Hand-painted shades of brown and white Made with stone resin Each sculpture features an embossed EDGE logo on the underside * Packaged in brown carton box


Product Length
34 cm
Product Width
28 cm
Product Height
40 cm
Product Weight
6.7 kg
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