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Crystal Angels

Crystal Angels

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Angels are messengers from the higher realm, ready to provide us with guidance. Carving angels help us connect with our own guardian angel who guard and protect us in all that we ask. Each angel is carved from natural gemstones and each has its unique pattern and colour.

Each Angel’s height is 5 cm approx. Great Packaging!

Rose Quartz is said to help reduce the stress and tension of our everyday life. Placing a couple of pieces of rose quartz on the brow of your forehead can release stress. Kept at a bedside table, it can also assist in a restful night’s sleep.

Opalite is believed to help alleviate depression, soothe nerves and stabilise mood swings. Ideally placed on a bedside table, it can provide comfort and reassurance throughout the night.

 Fluorite is believed to be a powerful healer. It is said to bring about order to chaos. It is a protective stone shielding against environmental stress and pollution.

Clear Quartz amplifies the powers of other stones. If placed above the head, it draws in surrounding healing energy. It focuses the mind in many ways and is very helpful in decision-making.

Amethyst is a calming stone and ideal for meditation, used as a connection to your higher self. Its cleansing properties can be used to curb excesses prevalent in our lives today.


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