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Crystal Oversoul Cards: Attunements for Lightworkers

Crystal Oversoul Cards: Attunements for Lightworkers

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A card deck and guidebook set to help you access the higher energies of the Crystal Oversouls and accelerate the awakening process
* Contains 66 beautiful full-color crystal mandala cards for contemplation, meditation, and connecting with the ancient Crystal Oversouls
* The accompanying guidebook provides insight into the meaning of the crystals, including their spiritual and metaphysical properties, associated scents, and their connections to the chakra system as well as the emerging higher chakras
* Includes in-depth meditations and visualizations on each crystal to help readers deepen their relationship with the crystal kingdom
* Offers access to 22 downloadable crystal meditation recordings The earth is undergoing an immense initiation, part of a great turning within the ever-evolving and unfolding cosmos.
The initiation involves not only humanity and all living creatures but also the elemental kingdoms, including the Crystal Oversouls.
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