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Beauty and the Wind

Giant Helix Wind Spinner - Silver

Giant Helix Wind Spinner - Silver

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If you are looking to add a show-stopping, impactful piece of garden art to your space then our largest wind spinner yet is for you! At over 55cm tall The Giant Helix Wind Spinner is a dramatic piece of unique and relaxing garden art. The classic silver colour looks gorgeous against the greenery in your garden.

Our wind spinners twist in a gentle breeze or a strong gust, creating hypnotic patterns and reflections of light. They have a flawless mirror finish that reflects the colour of everything around them. The Helix Wind Spinner looks like an infinite spiral, moving up or down depending on the direction of the wind. Hang from a tree, patio or gutter and bring your garden to life!

  • Easy to Setup

It is simple to set up your wind spinner. They arrive flat in their packaging to ensure no freight damage. Follow the instructions on the packaging to set up your wind spinner

  • Easy to Hang

All our wind spinners come with a swivel, hook and stainless steel wire rope already attached. Find a place to hang your wind spinner or create one by using a nail, screw or a Kinetic Art Hanger.  

  • Rust Resistant 

Our wind spinners are made from high-quality stainless steel with a clear coat finish for protection against rust. They can be used indoors and outdoors.

  • Size

The Giant Helix Wind Spinner is 55cm in length, 16cm in width and includes a 15cm stainless steel wire rope. 

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